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The PNC Foundaton Awards Grant to Fairfax Futures

The PNC Foundaton Awards Grant to Fairfax Futures

December 13, 2019

Fairfax Futures wishes to thank the PNC Foundation for its generous $15,000 grant to support the 16th Annual School Readiness Symposium that will take place in the spring of 2020. Last year’s Symposium—Healthy Children, Healthy Futures—brought hundreds of early childhood educators across Fairfax County to learn how they, like parents, play a critical role in supporting the healthy development of young children. Next year’s event will focus on unstructured and sensory play—critical school readiness tools to support young children’s motor skills development, brain development, self-regulation and social skills.

Board Chairman Cathy Lange applauds PNC's dedication to the field of early childhood education. "PNC has been a committed partner to Fairfax Futures and through this funding we can help support the professional learning and development of early childhood educators who play an important role in preparing our future workforce."

Fairfax Futures is a nonprofit organization that raises awareness and builds support for quality early childhood education and school readiness in Fairfax County. For more information, visit

The PNC Foundation’s signature program, Grow Up Great, aims to positively impact school readiness and contribute to stronger, smarter and healthier children, families and communities.. For more information, visit

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