Investing in School Readiness


Professional Development of Early Childhood Educators

Fairfax Futures supports the professional development of early childhood educators through training, engagement and mentoring. By improving their knowledge and understanding of child development, educators can strengthen their partnerships with families to support young children's developing social-emotional, physical and cognitive skills.  Learn more about professional development.

Annual School Readiness Symposium

Each year, Fairfax Futures partners with Fairfax County’s Early Childhood Programs & Services, formerly Office for Children, to offer a unique educational forum for early childhood educators. Topics presented have included literacy, science and math, technology, the arts, nature and play. Learn more about the symposium.

STEM in Early Childhood Education

Fairfax Futures collaborates on programs that promote early education in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).  The STEM Ready project provides STEM learning opportunities and resources to early childhood professionals interested in engaging young children in STEM experiences.  As an outgrowth of the STEM Ready Project, Family STEM Nights invite families to share in STEM learning experiences with their children, guided by the educators in their early childhood learning programs.

Fairfax Futures and its partners also have created tools for educators and families to use to support children's early STEM learning experiences. The publication, Building STEM Connections in Early Childhood, highlights developmentally appropriate STEM-related activities and concepts for educators and families to use as they nurture young children’s passion for discovery. In 2017, the organization also released a series of four short videos that illustrate how educators can use children’s literature and experiences in nature to develop children’s critical thinking and other essential skills that support life-long STEM learning. 

Neighborhood School Readiness Project (NSRP)

The NSRP, originally launched by Fairfax Futures and now managed by Fairfax County’s Cross-Systems Prevention Coordination division, includes teams comprised of county, school and community organizations working together to support children at risk of school failure and their families as they transition to kindergarten in select Title I schools across Fairfax County. Members of each team identify and plan around specific needs and priorities in the neighborhood they support; they work collaboratively to implement strategies that foster children's successful transition to school. Learn more about the NSRP.

Our programs are designed to bring together early childhood educators and community leaders to collaborate and achieve our mission of raising awareness and building support for quality early childhood education and school readiness in Fairfax County.

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