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CDA Graduates – 2022

CDA Graduates – 2022

December 21, 2022


The Child Development Associate (CDA®) credential is an important tool to support a more confident, well-prepared, and knowledgeable early childhood educator workforce in our community. Thanks to generous funding from the John & Janice Wyatt Foundation, Fairfax Futures launched a CDA® Mentoring Program in June 2021 to help keep participating educators on track for completing the CDA® in a timely manner. “The CDA® Mentoring Program provides guidance and tools to propel an educator as an agent of change in their professional journey,” shares mentor Jill Avilés. “Although the CDA process is initially seen as an uphill battle, as an educator’s portfolio comes to life with the support from their peers and mentors, their sense of accomplishment and professional commitment are affirmed.”


We are pleased to share that the following educators obtained their CDA® credential this past year:


Saharla Jama – July 22, 2022


Shashi Negi – August 26, 2022


Fabiola Rivadineira – September 10, 2022


Marja Hernandez – November 2, 2022


We are also delighted to announce that Shashi Negi, Sandra Myers and Fabiola Rivadineira are now serving as mentors to support others in their CDA® journey.  


Congratulations to these ladies!


Shashi Bijlwan Negi, a family child care educator in Fairfax, VA, engaging with children in her program. 


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